Dallas Evans

Dallas Evans

Sous Chef 

Motor Supply Sous Chef Dallas Evans grew up in Lynchburg, Virginia, and spent most of his life in his hometown before moving to Columbia, South Carolina, in 2017. His career as a chef began in Lynchburg, where he worked as a sous chef at a locally owned restaurant for seven years. While in Virginia, Evans also helped his friends open a restaurant.

Evans has always appreciated the thriving food scene in cities throughout South Carolina. Shortly after his move to Columbia, Evans heard that Chef Wes Fulmer was looking for a sous chef, and he jumped on the opportunity to join the Motor Supply team. One of Evans’ favorite aspects of working at Motor Supply is the opportunity to constantly learn and experiment in the kitchen.

Evans is a strong believer in sustainability and sourcing foods locally, and he takes pride in knowing that Motor Supply sources produce, protein and more from nearby farms. “It makes you treat the product with more respect and appreciate the food when you know where it’s coming from,” Evans says.

In his spare time, you can find him tending to his garden and using freshly grown fruits, vegetables and herbs to cook dinner at his home, or fermenting kombucha and ginger beer in his kitchen. Evans also enjoys hanging out with friends at local restaurants, bars and breweries on the weekend.